Our purpose is to glorify God through the ministry of music. Our ministry serves a two-fold purpose: 1)To praise our God and strengthen the body of Christ; and 2) To offer hope to a dying world, restoration to a fallen people, and healing to a sin sick world through music ministry. We unite our voices and spirits to lift up our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the entire world to see.

To be an active member of the music department you must:

  1. Be baptized in water in the name of Jesus Christ
  2. Be filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues
  3. You must possess a good, Godly character
  4. Complete the CRL new membership class
  5. Be a tithing member of CRL in good standing
  6. Successfully complete and pass a vocal assessment (call the music office to set appointment 410-433-0426 ext #117)
  7. Be mentally, spiritually, and physically prepared for music ministry

For more information, email MusicDept@crlministries.com


Adult Choir– Elder Burnetta Johnson

JMS Youth & Young Adult choir– Sister Yvonne Savage

Mass Choir (JMS & Adult)– Minister Kenneth Shelton

Men’s Choir– Elder Rodell Hall

Women’s choir– Minister Rhonda McKinney

Children’s choir– Sister Sharon Hall

High Praise – Bro. Tavon Peal

True Praise – Minister Jessica Greene and Minister Timothy Marshall



Director of Music & Worship Arts- Elder Steven Ford

Minster of Music – Minister Kenneth Shelton

Administrative Assistant – Sister Gloria Henderson

Mass/Adult Choir President – Elder Burnetta Johnson

Youth Choir President – Sister Yvonne Savage