Lady Marsha Stokes

Lady Marsha Stokes is the wife of Dr. Jerome Stokes and an ordained Elder. In 1985 she, along with her husband, founded the Church of the Redeemed of the Lord (CRL). Today, CRL is a thriving, multi-cultural ministry of more than 7,000 members. This church has been recognized for its excellence in service to God’s people and its vibrant worship services. In addition to its weekly services, CRL has established over 40 ministries with many of these being outreach ministries that extend to inner-city families, the incarcerated, the hungry, the homeless, and the elderly. The ministry also has a Christian Day Care (The Robert Franklin Stokes Day Care Center) and an accredited Bible College (Redeemed International Christian College) for adults.

The great work of CRL is, in part, a direct result of Sis. Marsha’s sincere love for the Lord and His people. She views herself as a fellow-laborer in Christ and diligently assists and supports her husband in ministry. She established the Lamp of Victory media production ministries and bookstore, and is the executive producer of the international Lamp of Victory radio and television programs, which airs locally, across the United States, and in parts of the Caribbean.

Lady Stokes is a Bible teacher, exhorter, motivator, and counselor. Her primary ministry is to her husband, then to the saints. Her ministry focus is to grow in grace and in the knowledge of God, personally as well as corporately. As an instructor in Christian Education, she communicates the Word of God with sincerity and practical application. She has designed and teaches courses such as How To Study The Bible, Christian Love, Highest Life-Spiritual Growth and Development, and The Virtuous Womanhood Program (designed for the spiritual and natural development of the total woman). In 1992 Lady Marsha Stokes earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religious Education from International Seminary in Orlando, Florida and is currently pursuing a Master of Biblical Studies in Biblical Literature from the Master’s Divinity School. Her passion for Christ keeps her actively engaged in ministry, and ever pursuing excellence in every area of her life.