Studying the Bible can be a daunting task. However, it is an essential element of Christianity. Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge . . .”

The opposite of destruction is production. The Church of the Redeemed of the Lord is committed to helping our parishioners produce healthy relationships with God and within their families. One of the ways we demonstrate this commitment is by providing opportunities for our parishioners to obtain knowledge. Not just any knowledge, but the type that transforms families.

We do this through the implementation of meaningful, research based curricula. FaithWeaver Now, our Sunday School Curriculum, is powerful and impactful, allowing the entire family to study the same thing, but on a level that meets each individual’s specific needs.

Beginners: ages 3-6

Elementary: ages 7-9

Juniors: ages 10-12

Teens: ages 13-17

Your World Your Life: ages18-30



Families are assisted in engaging in at-home systematic Bible Study with the weekly Family Connect Bulletin. The Family Connect Bulletin reiterates the lesson learned in Sunday School and provides the family with fun activities to reinforce the lesson. Make sure you get your copy by sending an e-mail to

Sister Kathy Parson – Sunday School Director

Brother Vernon and Sister Kathy Crest – Parental Support

In Addition to our Sunday School Department, the Christian Education Department also provides additional studies and trainings to support the work of ministry within CRL. These include small group discipleship training, Self-confrontation, Teacher training, and a host of various workshops and studies.

Elder LaTonya Gibson – Director of Christian Education