The mission of Children’s Evangelism is to reach out to children and to help them develop and maintain a loving relationship with Jesus Christ and their home church. The children are taught the word of God on a level that allows them to grow and mature in the Kingdom. In addition, the teachers and those who volunteer to minister to our children, receive proper training, resources, and support to assure that the ministry is productive.

Children’s Church Ministries:

  • King’s Kids Choir
  • King’s Kids Band
  • King’s Kids dancers & Steppers
  • Junior Ushers

Children’s Church Activities:

Annual Weekend Retreat: A fun-filled weekend designed to allow children and adult instructors to explore the outdoors, nature, and learn more about Christ while fellowshipping with others.

Annual Trip: The children’s church takes 5 – 7 day trips to places such as Disney World, Canada, New York, and other places that offer environments that are both fun and educational.

Mission Outreach: The children’s church goes to missions to help other children by donating school supplies and clothes.

Children’s Evangelism Director
Associate Pastor Barbara Dixon

Contact Information
Associate Pastor Barbara Dixon, Director
children@crlministries.com or PastorDixon@crlministries.com
Contact number: 410-433-0426